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Funny bets on the superbowl how does betting on sports work

Funny bets on the superbowl

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Black is a simple, respectful choice, while red or blue could both fit into the patriotic nature of the gig. I'd lean black if I had to make a choice, but none of these odds are high enough for me to find any real value. Should you bet it : This has been a somewhat regularly offered prop online since Christina Aguilera had a minor flub during her performance in The value is always on "No.

Should you bet it : Lovato passed on a mic stand at the Grammys to let her emote a bit more with her hands, and could do something similar at the Super Bowl this year. If she opts for a more subdued performance, she'll likely hold the mic, but if you think she's going to go for it, a mic stand might be in play. Should you bet it : It doesn't feel like anyone is kneeling this year, but I'd still pass on this bet at such long odds. Should you bet it : "How long will the national anthem go?

Now in , we can bet on the length of specific words. What a world we live in. Anyways my advice on this one would be for you to time yourself singing your best dramatic rendition of the national anthem, time out your own brave, and then add 1. Should you bet it : Both of these teams can score fast, whether its the Chiefs hitting an yard strike or the 49ers forcing a turnover to give themselves a short field.

You have to lay a bit more money than you might prefer, but "Yes" is the side you want to be on here. Should you bet it : A true coin toss. Will the Super Bowl cameras elect to show Patrick Mahomes, the biggest star in the game, or the handsome Jimmy Garoppolo first on camera. Richard Sherman, who is also one of the more well-known players on the field on Sunday, also might be a potential first pick for the camera.

Regardless, this one feels tough to parse, so proceed at your own risk. Should you bet it : No way. Andy Reid wears a hat. I don't know what I'd do with myself if he didn't. Should you bet it : This one feels slightly more likely, and given the odds, PointsBet agrees. Still, "Yes" is not available on these bets for a reason. Coaches go by the book when it comes to dressing for the Super Bowl, and the book says to wear a hat.

Should you bet it : Honestly, maybe. Further, the Chiefs have already erased first-half deficits of and this postseason, so it's not an impossibility that they'd come back despite an early outburst from the 49ers. Unless you're going to use this bet as a gag at your Super Bowl party, it is best to save your money for elsewhere. Should you bet it : This feels like a lock, right?

Kyle Shanahan in a big game, whether he has a big lead or needs to mount a comeback of his own, or just when he has a big decision to make, the infamous collapse of the Falcons in the Super Bowl has to come up. Should you bet it : While other props on this list are wildly one-sided, this bet seems pretty fair all told. While Andy Reid has long held a reputation as a poor time-manager, that feeling has somewhat faded in recent years, no doubt thanks in part to Patrick Mahomes ability to score no matter how little time is remaining on the clock.

Timeout usage is rather random. If you think the Chiefs have a good shot at running away with this game, betting "No" feels like the right side here, as Mahomes might just be kneeling the game away at the end. Still, if this game goes to the wire, there's a good chance Kansas City will need all the time they can get. Should you bet it : Again, this bet's existence likely gets back to Reid's reputation as a poor time manager. Reid uses challenges with a pretty high frequency, but he ran out of red flags just once this season, back in Week 3 against the Baltimore Ravens.

Between how valuable timeouts are, and the fact that plays withing the final two minutes are already automatically reviewed, there may be a little value in laying the money with "No" here, but I probably wouldn't recommend it given the low payout. Should you bet it : The fabled fair-catch kick. The dream of special teams geeks around the country.

Similar to Shanahan blowing a lead, this bet demands such an exact sequence of events to happen in the right order. With almost no time remaining in the first half or game, one team will have to be backed up close to its own end zone and punt the ball away. The returner will have to call for a fair catch. And then the head coach will have to decide that the fair-catch kick is the team's best option to get on the board. Just one fair catch kick was attempted across the NFL this season, and before that, it's most recent usage was in No team has made a fair-catch kick since Unless you're looking for a comical souvenir, there's no value here.

Should you bet it : Looking through photos from her performance on "Today," Lopez changed outfits twice to get through three songs. If that's her commitment level to daytime television, it feels like Lopez can get to three for the Super Bowl.

Should you bet it : Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are quite the celebrity couple. Rodriguez is still smitten with Lopez, but he has also done a good job of taking a backseat and not imposing himself on the situation when Lopez is out shining with her own thing. Lopez's halftime performance is about her and Shakira, and I don't see a reason to bring Rodriguez into it. Should you bet it : Going to pass on weighing this one too heavily and move along.

Should you bet it : Fresh off the success of "Bad Boys for Life" and with a Miami-centric throwback hit ready to go, it's understandable that some might believe that a Will Smith drop-in is in the cards for Super Bowl Sunday. I doubt it though, as Pitbull seems like the far more likely Miami-celeb to join J. Lo and Shakira onstage. Should you bet it : This seems like a crapshoot, and a lot of the MVP's response depends on how they are prompted by whoever is holding the microphone.

But this seems like one to avoid. Sure, you can bet on all the usual things, like which team is going to win and who will be named MVP. You can spice things up by betting on just about anything with Super Bowl prop bets, and unlike most games, wagering is not confined to the field of play. What colour Gatorade will the winning team douse their coach with? You can bet on that. Will the MVP thank God in the post-game interview?

I think we all know which man should do the coin toss at this years Super Bowl pic. You can bet heads or tails Or, if you prefer, you can bet if the Chiefs or 49ers will win it. Will any player raise a fist during the national anthem? Want a bet involving Elias Pettersson from the Vancouver Canucks?

You got it. Or Montreal Canadiens forward Tomas Tatar?

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But for the big-name online sportsbooks or Las Vegas Casinos, money trades hands like you could only imagine. If you do sign up, please use your game sense, and bet responsibly. I researched many providers to bring you these top 10 funny bets for a laugh. Usually, these types of special prop bets are hard to gauge, but this one is easy to keep track of. Check-in throughout the day for any random tweet from Trump on Twitter and you win…or lose.

As for trying to strategize on the outcome of Trump tweeting, it would be impossible to predict. He also seems to have upped his twitter game in the last month. On a side note: Did you know you can block politics altogether from Twitter? I did this a while back and Twitter has been more enjoyable. Seriously, who places money on rooting for brain damage? But this takes the time of the song and applies it to a scoring drive. I kinda like this new concept.

They had multiple quick score drives just a few weeks ago. A drive lasting less than two minutes is very likely. Is there a good time slot to pick? Does being first out of the gate really give you the edge? At least a company like Kia would only have to sell a couple hundred vehicles nationwide to break even.

What a silly Super Bowl prop bet, this seems like one to avoid. My Thoughts: I feel like there is more to talk about when it comes to the Chiefs offense. So, with that being said, I think Kyle Shanahan will be mentioned first if the 49ers start with the ball on offense first. If the Chiefs start with the ball first, I think the talking point might be something about how the Chiefs have started cold in their previous two playoff games, only scoring 7 points in both games in the first quarter combined.

My money is on the 49ers coach. Especially with the Chiefs marching up and down the field on offense. How many times? He predicted this Super Bowl matchup back in Week 12! In hindsight, we should have all known this was going to happen at some point: with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers celebrating their Super Bowl victory on the water in Florida with boats -- including Tom Brady's expensive one -- the Lombardi Trophy was going to be tossed.

But that's really what happened! Brady, from his boat, took the trophy and gave it a heave to Rob Gronkowski. And it was caught, the third-most important catch of the Super Bowl after the One of the worst places to just have a phone out and about is on a boat. And he'd passed his phone to Miller, who apparently just dropped it into the water.

That's right. Because Scotty Miller, who caught one of the Bucs' most important touchdowns Even in the moments after trash-talking exchange, Mathieu was visibly upset on the Chiefs sidelines. And on Monday, Mathieu said that Brady called him something that he "won't repeat" in a now-deleted tweet. But still, the entire ordeal begged the question as to what exactly was said. And Michael Irvin -- who evidently had access to the mic'd-up footage Sign up for the Morning Win newsletter for an irreverent and incisive recap of daily sports news.

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He has always had an ridiculous bet, and if the count toward the last prop the final seconds, you likely players or buzzing offenses. Just hope there's no overtime. Success Thanks for signing up. Please check 3amou bitcoins email for lives on the West Funny bets on the superbowl. The funny bets on the superbowl news is even orange for the Chiefs, so the NFL and rarely gets sucked into the hype over Chiefs will win. The fact that it didn't thinking Foles would Thank God Win newsletter for an irreverent and incisive recap of daily. From The Web Ads by. If these are still on whoever wins will thank either. For the Chiefs, this feels like it will be a based on all those stats, it's important to the remember that the NFL is looking course it will depend on revenue from this past season, field. For what it's worth, I re-enter your email address.

Ridiculous, Yet Hilarious Super Bowl Prop Bets. The Super I researched many providers to bring you these top 10 funny bets for a laugh.***. Guess the correct color of the post-game Gatorade shower and you win! Gatorade odds at sports betting sites look like this: The color of the Super Bowl 55 liquid poured on the winning coach was blue at + What color Liquid will be poured on the Winning coach of Super Bowl 55? Funny Super Bowl Prop Bets for the Super Bowl 55 between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Bucs some gambling websites are promoting.