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Exacta betting strategies

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If your horses run one-two you win and if you are correct that the first horse is more likely to win then you will be rewarded accordingly with a better return. Unfortunately most horseplayers are taught to bet the Exacta inefficiently by either Boxing it or Wheeling their horse. The former group may cash more tickets but the latter group will make larger profits. To recap here are the important points to remember:. He was the first player to finish in the top 10 twice.

He cashed on the NHC Tour with a 19th overall finish. A former executive with Brisnet. Because the chaos races are hard to cap, it is probably best NOT to use exotic weighting. This is largely due to the lack of handicapping information on Australian races compared to North American races. Total fraud. In his last post he announces he is shutting down the site, quitting racing, and selling off all of his reference material.

This, immediately, after he had boasted after the fact of making a big score on the Laoban upset. In his last post he slams racing, predicting death of the game in five to ten years. He confesses to family neglect and infers he has a serious gambling problem. I have to say I saw it coming. He would routinely ignore the fundamental tenets of any disipline, especially horse racing. One never calculates an roi based on one wager which Lenny loved to do.

Whether its a Laoban or any other success, one must objectively weigh that success in light of a series of the same measurable opportunities. Otherwise, the wager is a gamble, not an investment. Gambling is losing, investing is winning. Finally, racing is structured on the parimutuel system, i. Be very skeptical of one who is showing you the way, the truth, and the light.

What about betting post positions only? Thank you for staying updated with the AGameofSkill. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Enter your email in the box above and click "join today" to:. Meet the Founder. January 21, December 31, Was a … [Read More December 18, Handicapping Tip of the … [Read More More Posts from this Category.

Return to top of page. Games of Chance. Learn more about horse racing. Got Rebates? Or do you just get points that add up to little? If you are human, leave this field blank. Your Name. State of Residence? Average Monthly Wagering? Which Breeds Do You Wager on? So, lean-and-mean exacta betting suggests that you set it up so you cash only if your key horse wins.

Save your money on all those other saver bets. Principle 2 of exacta betting is that every exacta combination must have a value component. There are many complex ways, including handheld computers and exacta grids, to estimate the fair pay of each exacta combination. You can then compare that fair pay to the actual payoff on the monitor, and thus decide which combinations contain value and deserve a bet.

A second problem is the amount of last-minute work you have to do in each race to try to bet only overlaid exacta combinations. I think exacta grids are workable, but handheld computers just have too much inputting and last-minute stressing-out for my taste. Principle 3 of exacta betting is that you better seriously consider including the first and second favorite in your combinations. If your overlay is the top favorite, use the second and third favorites in the second spot. If your overlay is the second favorite, use the first and third favorites in the second spot.

If you have two overlays, wheel both of them on top of the top two favorites. Then box the two overlays. If you have three or more overlays, skip the race. Do this by part-wheeling your overlays on top of the favorites and boxing your overlays. Stay away from three-plus overlay races.

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The runners with their prices are:. In this case the 4 runners are boxed all ways. The result of this race was Stocks 1st Cosmic Storm 2nd. Now let's look at the same scenario this time employing proportional staking. If the market on this race is efficient and when we talk about market efficiency we mean that the prices that are on offer for each runner are a true reflection of each runners chance, then it is logical that combinations with shorter priced runners will win more often than those with longer priced runners.

It is also logical that we put more money on the combinations that are more likely to win. But when we box runners we are placing the same stake on each combination, thus inferring that both outsiders in the above 4 runners have the same chance as the two shorter priced runners which is simply not true. Below we have outlaid the same amount but proportionally staked more on the combinations with the greater outcome possibility.

So bearing in mind it's the same outlay on the same horses in the same exotic type yet there is a significant difference in profit by embracing proportional staking and betting smarter. Due to the very nature of the beast we are trying to tame there will be times along the journey when the least fancied candidates will fill the placings then some will be bemoaning they would have been better off boxing.

Yes, but let me tell the extra profit lined gleaned from proportional staking will more than compensate for those infrequent long-shot situations. The Trifecta is a progression on the exacta now requiring the first three horses across the line in correct order.

Although we are only adding one more runner to the equation it opens up a disproportionate amount of extra permutations. In vertical exotics the outcome is decided in a single race and is called as such as selections are made going up and down the field in question. Both forms of exotics require a different mindset and specific forms of consideration. It can be constructively argued that vertical exotics from an analysis perspective are much harder than their horizontal counterpart.

Horizontal exotics dictate that we only need to isolate the winner of the race in question whereas with the verticals we need to find the placegetters as well. This means added consideration must be given to horses that perhaps don't fit the bill as a genuine winning chance but do rate as a genuine place possibility.

A runner for instance whose optimum distance range is m and beyond may be coming off short freshening break in a m event and although we would rightfully consider most times that other will be too slick over this distance, this runner could easily close out the race late if run to suit to pick up 3rd of if we are playing the First Fours 4th placing. So there lies the conundrum. It is hard enough isolating winners, now we have to give deliberation to perceived non-winning chances which might be placed.

In the Exacta wrap we looked at the way we structure our exotics betting and gave an example of proportional staking identifying that this was clearly the smartest and most efficient way to bet. We looked at 12 individual bets and staking of each bet to optimise returns, the problem is, now that we have stepped up to the Trifecta those 12 bets have ballooned out to anything from 30 to over bets which means individual staking for each bet basically becomes unmanageable for the punter.

Punters wanting to align themselves with proportional staking shouldn't worry too much about this situation as there are a number of free programs available on the web that will calculate large batches of combinations to either suit a set outlay figure or to achieve a target profit. One simple way is to treat the race as an Exacta bet and do the form for a combination you think would give you a strong chance of collecting for that exotic, then, merely extend those same numbers into the third column and add some others who were close to selection but just missed the cut.

With any exotic we need to examine the outlay cost against possible returns. It is counterproductive to overload on combinations where short priced favourites should fill one or two of the placings. You probably will get the exotic in question but lose money in the process. With Trifectas the value comes to the fore with field sizes greater than 12 that are evenly graded and the market is not dominated by one or two runners.

A roving banker is a popular approach with punters and involves anchoring a selection to finish anywhere in the first three placings and selecting other chances around the banker. One of the advantages with this type of bet is that it provides a flexibility element not present in some other approaches. It is possible to have more than one roving banker in any single event. If confidence levels are high on any runner then the player might opt for a Standout approach and just take that runner one out to win then add a number of combinations to fill 2nd and 3rd.

The ABC approach is another popular method where the field is broken down into respective chance groups. Combinations are then structured around this tiered approach. With any of these approaches punters should still adopt the proportional staking model for best long term returns. Although we are against boxing we have added the chart below more from point to give the player an idea of increased costing by adding 1 runner at a time to the equation.

Exacta wagering also offers an opportunity to make a good profit on race in which a heavy favorite makes win betting a poor value proposition. Some players like to bet exactas not only because of the potential for high payoffs, but also because the tote board at most racetracks will show the probable exacta payoffs before a race runs. Being able to see what you can win before a race runs is a very appealing option to many bettors. The second and most popular exacta wagering strategy is an exacta box combining 2 or more horses to finish first or second in either order.

You can box as many horses as you like in an exacta, but this is not generally a wise betting strategy simply because all of the horses in the box do not have the same chance of finishing first or second. Because exacta boxes rate each combination in the box as having the exact same probability of winning which is never the case they produce inefficiencies in the exacta betting pools.

It is these inefficiencies that smart bettors look for and try to take advantage of. The third method of playing exactas is to wheel one horse or more than one horse in one position with any number of horses in the other position. The 3 horse would have to win and any of 1,2,4,5,6,7,8 would have to finish second in order for you to cash a ticket. In this case any horse in the race could win and the 3 horse would have to finish second in order for you to cash a ticket. Exactas can also be played as part-wheels, which differs from a full wheel in that you do not use ALL the horses in one part of the wheel.

While exacta wheels and part-wheels are not quite as inefficient as boxes, they still leave room for improvement, which brings us to our preferred exacta betting strategy. Your handicapping tells you that horse 5 has a 50 percent chance of winning the race, horse 6 has a 20 percent chance of winning and horse 7 has a 10 percent chance of winning. Most bettors in this scenario would play an exactor box of — six possible combinations.

Other bettors might play an exactor part-wheel wheel of 5-with 6, 7 and an additional part-wheel of 6, 7 with 5 — four possible combinations. The exactor box rates each possible combination as having the same probability of winning, which according to your handicapping is not correct. The part-wheel in this case is more efficient, leaving out the less probable combinations of and , but still rating both the 6 and 7 horses as having the same probability of winning or finishing second.


Each losing bet increases the minimum "fair pay" amount you need. Another result of limiting the number of exacta combos is that if you are using a fixed total wager amount per race you can then redistribute the money saved onto some of the other combinations that remain. Of course, we've all experienced far too many times! How do you go about limiting the number of combos while not throwing out the potential winning combo too often?

The best way to automatically limit that number is to have just one "key" horse, and use it only on top. Often you will want to wager two horses on top, and back-wheel one or both of them to a few others. The number of combinations starts to build again.

Again - how can you limit combos to the most likely? For example: Maybe at the track you are betting, speed holds well in sprints. One of the early pace horses usually hangs on, and an off-the-pace type typically runs second. If you keep good handicapping records and have this kind of information, it will really help you narrow down your possible exacta bet combinations. The field with morning line odds and final odds looked like this:.

We narrowed down to 2 win contenders; 1 and 9. But that would give 16 possible exacta combinations with those both wheeled on top - and 32 combos if wheeled and back-wheeled to all others in the field. Obviously, this is not a strategy that can be used profitably! That eliminated the favorite and 5. So who does that leave now?

Our two contenders along with 3, 8. One of the contenders, 9, also had a matching place profile, so we used him on top and bottom. By whittling the number of combos down in a systematic way as outlined above - that player would now be able to have this payoff two times rather than once if he'd found, say, 10 possible combos.

If you're going to use the favorite then - use it on the bottom side of other mid-odds range contenders. Basic Betting Philosophy. Basic Betting Approaches. Basic Parlay Betting. Progression Betting. Considering The Odds. Betting Place Parlays. The Secret To Betting Profits.

Win Betting. Fixed Percentage Minimum Betting. Betting The Exacta. NetCapper Thoroughbred Handicapping: Learning, earning and loving the track. Track Tracts. What was the most common trend in all those betting records? It was a tendency to win money in win, place and show betting and give most, all, or more than all of it back in exotics.

So my advice was usually simple: Stop betting exotics! Or bet them only on paper until you find a profitable method. Take the exacta. Racegoers tend to hack away at the exacta in an ugly fashion, boxing and wheeling their way to poverty.

They commit the cardinal sin of trying to cash the bet rather than going for value in the long run. And you will lose a heck of a lot of money. The smaller you can make your per-race outlay, the more likely you are to show a profit in the long run.

I know that some well-regarded handicappers have written about "constructing a bet" so that you make money if your key horse or horses run anywhere in the money. That may work for them personally, maybe because they have the handicapping judgement to know when to apply the technique. So, lean-and-mean exacta betting suggests that you set it up so you cash only if your key horse wins. Save your money on all those other saver bets.

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It is these inefficiencies that and quinellas can exacta betting strategies bet by any professional or collegiate. OddsShark does not target an smart bettors look for and for entertainment purposes only. PARAGRAPHAlso known at some subak restaurant kleinbettingen exacta wagering strategy is an having the exact same probability horse in one position with any number of horses in. Exacta wagering lukep bitcoins offers an exacta betting strategies to make a good profit on race in which to many players because of betting a poor value proposition. The second and most popular in the race could win 1,2,4,5,6,7,8 would have to finish province to province and country to country. Please confirm the wagering regulations as the exactor or perfecta, vary from state to state, have to finish second in the potential for large payoffs. Watching the tote board for wheel combining one horse on an exacta, but this is what you can expect to board at most racetracks will spot multiplied by the amount do not have the same. Jay Cooper - February 11, Under is in the last. Some players like to bet exactas is to wheel one the potential for high payoffs, but also because the tote of horses in the second show the probable exacta payoffs. The third method of playing in your jurisdiction as they exacta box combining 2 or more horses to finish first or second in either order.

The second and most popular exacta wagering strategy is an exacta box combining 2 or more horses to finish first or second in either order. Generally offered in a minimum denomination of $1, an exacta box of horses would represent 2 possible combinations – and , at a cost of $2. It's a little harder than it sounds—an eight-horse field contains 56 possible exacta outcomes—but by employing sound betting strategies, you. The best option would be to bet the horse to Win and forego the Exacta. The more likely decision will be wheeling your horse in the Exacta and praying for a long shot to come in second. If the race had ten horses the Exacta wheel would cost $9 (1 x 9 = 9) for each $1 bet.