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SafariBet registration feature is one ethereum crypto currency values the most sought resources by most punters safaribetting registration the Kenyan betting safaribetting registration wishing to hold ownership rights over a SafariBet Kenya account. The SafariBet account is a top bettingexpert blogtalkradio for newbie and pro punters who are aware of the numerous promotion deals availed by the SafariBet betting site. SafariBet Kenya also has all basic and necessary features any betting site should entail and in addition they have premium offers such as the SafariBet jackpots, SafariBet live betting, SafariBet live scores and the SafariBet promotions. The jackpot entails few events and introducing the bonus feature makes winning in the SafariBet jackpot quite easier compared to most other bookmakers covering 13 to 20 jackpot games in their jackpot market. To access the SafariBet cash back bonus the punter must first go through the SafariBet registration process.

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Best online sport betting

In our ranking criteria we set a minimum standard in terms of safety and security: any operator that fails to meet our strict standards of guaranteeing a safe gaming experience will not appear on this website. We specifically look for secure encryption, data privacy policies, independent audits and full license and regulation.

Securing customers from external threats is the modus operandi of an online sports betting site processing financial transactions, but internal monitoring is just as important. The enforcement of responsible gambling procedures through integrated systems that can monitor customer activity, and warn players who are exemplifying compulsive gambling behaviour is an important feature that we value highly in our ranking process.

If you are unsure about the safety and security of a new gambling site look at the partnered organisations with which it is affiliated. More often than not a reputable bookmaker will be proud to inform players that they can prove their legitimacy through third-party auditors, licenses, regulatory compliance and top-rate cyber security.

The evolution of Pakistani betting apps has been the driving force of the gambling revolution across the country. With a young population armed with smartphones and cheap data plans, Pakistan is more connected than ever. The importance of mobile betting in this part of the world is exacerbated by the lack of desktop hardware options for the majority of people.

So what makes the best sports betting app? Well, there are several factors in this process. Importantly, the user-experience and user-interface allow a player to easily navigate through the app and execute core functions such as bet placement and depositing.

But more recently app developers have been integrating a wide-variety of additional features such as live streaming , statistics portals and newly designed virtual betting capabilities. Mobile betting is without doubt the future of sportsbook gambling, but in Pakistan and the rest of Asia it is already the predominant medium for customers to participate in gambling. Around the world mobile technologies are allowing developers to integrate a wide-variety of quality features , and the future of online bookmaking is certainly going to be a rewarding experience for gambling enthusiasts.

The live betting arena is by far the most important aspect of the sportsbook. Punters are placing more bets on live markets than ever before. Gone are days of placing lots of bets in advance of kick-off, the modern gambler will bide his time and wait for the perfect moment and seize on a small window of opportunity to capture some value from a fixture.

Supporting this demand in a technical sense creates a huge challenge for bookmakers, as odds levels need to be powered through live data streams and algorithms so as not to offer to short or high a price. The best live sports betting sites run smoothly in the sense of offering many live markets, without any delay on bet placement , and quick cash out options if the customer needs it.

Another massive aspect of the live arena is live streaming capabilities. Throughout the world at any given moment there are hundreds or sometimes thousands of matches being played across many different sports. Top bookies in Pakistan will offer the possibility to bet and watch these games simultaneously, however, this live streaming capability is only available on a small number of sports and is not something readily available across the entire sportsbook.

The ability to make transactions to the sportsbook through a variety of different mediums is a valuable resource that punters have always prioritised. Pakistan exists in a tightly controlled region in terms of financial technology, and the region has not regulated many international eWallet payment protocols , but there are a couple of strong options for eWallet payments as the table below shows.

Below is a list of payment options you can use at the best sports betting site in Pakistan, many of these options can be deployed for deposits as well as withdrawals, and it is encouraging to see a mixture of bank transfer choices within the standard bank card options. Please note that the specific deposit limits listed are an approximation from the entire sample of operators in this region, limits at individual sites may vary significantly.

As an international customer you will most probably find the easiest method of payment in Pakistan your bank card. There are a number of internet-money providers, but as with any eWallet the account verification and authorisation process can be tedious and not worth your time if it is only to be used for a few gambling transactions. Officially, PayPal does not accept or connect with Pakistani bank accounts.

The company states that the banking laws and money transaction regulations prevent them from being able to operate. There is no indication that PayPal betting will be authorised, or that the company will change its stance and become legal anytime soon. Despite this regulatory obstruction, there are many users of PayPal in Pakistan. This is possible because Pakistanis are able to set up LLCs in the United States, then subsequently get a bank account and tax number that they can connect to a PayPal account.

This is certainly a laborious process, but if you really want to use PayPal in Pakistan, it is encouraging to know there are legal methods to do this. Functionality of the website is a major aspect and characteristic of a quality online operator. Bookmakers are high-traffic platforms that operate multi-threading processing technology across their server clusters to handle huge volumes of http requests, and importantly, operate at minimal latency. Pakistan has access to lots of well-engineered betting platforms , many of which are Asian-based.

Below you can see an overview of some top bookies available in Pakistan and the type of extra features these platforms offer their customers. There are many extra features that online betting sites can integrate to improve the customer experience, live-streaming is one of the most celebrated of all , but for many operators it remains an insurmountable expense and technical challenge.

Other more realistic extra features such as virtual sports betting, live bet cash out, and fast bet placement are much more widely adopted. Check out some of the operators listed above to see how they can enhance your betting experience with extra features on the sportsbook. A hallmark characteristic of top sports betting sites is a high-quality customer service framework. As with any online facing company, online bookmakers have to maintain the trust of their customers. Having the ability to quickly respond to concerns from customers, fix issues and act in a professional manner goes a long way to maintaining a relationship grounded in faith and confidence.

The saying that reputations take years to build and minutes to destroy is certainly true in the online betting business. Having a range of possible customer service options is obviously an important feature that customers respond well to, but the availability of these resources is also an important consideration. Building a reputation as an online business takes time, commitment and good service of customers over a prolonged time period — the situation is no different for betting sites.

The world of online bookmaking is littered with cases of sub-standard operators delivering a poor betting experience, or even defrauding their customers in some extreme cases. In our analysis of bookmakers in this region we considered the online reputation of each gambling brand; analysing their reputation on popular local betting forums, their following on social media, and looking through local news media for any mentions of the brand in a positive or negative light. Reputations are important in this business , and those that have earned a bad reputation for one reason or another are usually best off avoided at all costs.

The element below offers a brief overview of the three steps that each customer has to contend with, from filling out the registration form accurately to confirming your identity to release withdrawal capabilities. Register an account at the platform using your details, making sure to enter everything correctly. This process is at its core a quick and easy few steps, bookmakers are inclined to make registration as easy as possible, removing all barriers to participation.

Confirming your account is an important step, so make sure that all your details are correct and provable so you encounter no issues when it comes time to withdraw cash from the sportsbook. There are many exciting new frontiers in online betting, and eSports betting sites are one of those that fans are most excited by.

The presence of eSports markets on top-tier sports betting sites is becoming commonplace. There are many bookmakers serving the demand for high-quality CS:GO betting sites , and below you can see our list of the best in this field. The offering of eSports transcends many popular titles, and each platform chosen offers a lucrative welcome bonus that can be redeemed by following the link below.

Betting in Pakistan is becoming increasingly popular with the influx of offshore gambling providers and a more digitalised generation of young users. Despite this rise in popularity, the official legal stance in Pakistan prevents companies establishing themselves within the country, and the only form of gambling licensed by the country is horse racing betting.

Land-based gambling at casinos and high-street bookies is unsurprisingly not possible, and remains outside the legal framework of Pakistan. The legal situation for betting in Pakistan is not favourable for customers looking to use local operators. Offshore bookmakers located in neighbouring countries , or even European countries are the only choice for people wanting to make online sports bets. The regulatory framework needed to make online betting sites legal is heavily resisted from the sectarian elements of the Pakistani government.

There is an anti-gambling sentiment that is deeply rooted in the religious traditions of the country , but things are changing and the enterprise value of a regulated gaming industry is appealing to large swathes of the ruling party. It may well be several years until we see the first fully licensed and regulated sports betting site in Pakistan.

For now, the offshore gambling companies serving the demand in this market are a good temporary solution and act as a workaround for residents seeking legal sports betting sites. Understandably, residents may be wary of using offshore gambling providers.

But, many of these platforms operate from stable and regulated markets, the services they offer are still regulated by a central authority in a foreign country, the difference being these are authorities not officially recognised by the Pakistani state. Users should feel confident to use the services of the bookmakers listed above. Problems arising from gambling related fraud are increasing around the world, and it can be difficult as a newcomer to the industry to spot rogue operators. All of the online betting sites listed on this page have been vetted for authenticity, and they can be relied upon to offer a safe gambling experience.

However, there are a minority of operators that conduct business in a different way, and pay little regard to the rules of bet settlement, data privacy or disputes with customers. Whilst using offshore bookmakers is in the majority of cases absolutely fine as they are trusted betting sites, here are nine examples of why it is not advisable.

Gambling is illegal in Pakistan for citizens under the Prevention of Gambling Act , but this law does leave wiggle-room for interpretation, and residents have been able to circumvent restrictions by using the services of offshore gambling operators based in jurisdictions with a legal acceptance for sports betting. Despite this regulatory vacuum, a vibrant and inclusive gambling industry exists through various online channels in Pakistan and has gone on unimpeded.

The below timeline offers a brief overview of the most significant events in the gambling story of Pakistan. Clearly there is need for a better clarification of the issues facing the betting industry in this country. Residents can enjoy gambling only through the services of online bookmakers — most of which are based in Europe , with a few competitors cropping up around Asia.

As the 6th most populated country in the world there is a major business interest in establishing a regulated gambling industry. For those who are looking for a well rounded experience on mobile, and not restrict themselves to cricket betting , look no further than LeoVegas. Their portfolio of games constantly changes with new and exclusive titles.

Plus, betting is available when you need to on their sportsbook section. Check out our full review of LeoVegas by our betting experts. Alternatively, you can go looking for a solid betting app instead if you find the websites lacking or too much for your mobile browser to handle.

There are quite a few solid cricket betting apps available, so you should find a good one suited for you. Since the topic is on cricket betting sites , we cannot avoid talking about the most cricket crazed region out there: India.

The market for online betting in India has exploded over the years, and now there are more options than ever when it comes to gambling. These sites have a big focus on the Indian market and will make sure you get the proper online betting experience coming from India.

If you want to read more about what betting sites are good and specifics for the Indian region, check out our page on betting sites in India. We wanted to devote a section on this page to talk about blacklisted betting sites. These are bookmakers that are either stealing money from their customers, operating without licenses, fixing casino games or any other practices we think will be harmful to the user.

Dream11bet should not be confused with the fantasy betting website Dream But that is exactly what the guys behind Dream11bet are trying to do: confuse their potential customers and give themselves legitimacy by latching onto the Dream11 brand. We have received a lot of complaints from our users about no payment from these guys, so we would recommend being cautious with them. Dreamexch is another site similar to Dream11bet. You need to create your account by contacting a number and you will get a login and access to their exchange.

Here you can bet on most cricket matches through the Betfair exchange which they use to present the odds. The same issue are present here: no license and lack of payment when you win. We recommend to avoid these as well. Probet9 is another online betting site without neither license or the willingness to pay it seems.

We have gotten less complaints on this website compared to the others, but that might just be because they are smaller. It works the same as the others where you need to request an account, then you start betting online with their exchange. There are many more operators out there that are dangerous to use, and we go a bit more in depth on these on our blacklisted betting sites page.

If you choose any of the online betting sites we vouch for on our site, you can trust that your private information and funds are safe, and you will get a safe and fair experience. There are plenty of betting sites out there you can choose from. But not all of them accept Indian players or deposits in Indian rupees. We feature only the best cricket betting sites on our website, ensuring that players from India are indeed accepted, that you may even be able to make deposits in INR and other features that are important.

We have thoroughly reviewed all our cricket betting sites for you, so make sure to read those reviews before you sign up to any betting site. Once you have decided which site you want to try, the sign-up process is not only simple but, in many aspects, very similar no matter which site you choose, and it goes something like this:. Usually, you will be informed that an email has been sent to your chosen email account, which serves the purpose of verifying your email address and potentially further details.

Do make sure to check your spam folder as well. Every betting site has a number of different payment options for you to choose from:. It is best to verify which banking options a betting site offers before signing up. Usually, most betting sites provide this information on a separate page which you can find on their website, but you may have to ask customer service for specifics.

In our reviews we mention what we found out about the banking methods available. In any case, once you have decided which method to choose for making a deposit into you betting account, the steps are quite similar:. Depending on the method chosen, you will get a message whether your deposit was successful or not almost instantly and the funds will then show in your account. Most betting sites will also send you an email confirming that the transaction has been processed successfully.

Once you have selected your market and the odds you want to bet on, you simply click on the wager you want to make. If you are placing a single bet, which is the simplest way to place any wager, it will show up on your bet slip as such. You now have to enter the amount you want to stake. Usually, you will be shown the expected return in case you win as well as a few boxes to tick:. Make sure to tick those boxes to confirm your bet.

This is just one of many examples, but the process is very similar at most betting sites. Once everything is confirmed, your bet has been placed and you just have to wait for the results to come in. If, at any point, you are unsure of your selection, you may make changes or even cash out your bet.

Your options here depend on what your bookmaker offers, however. Not all of them allow cash outs, for instance. Be sure to check this in advance. Here you can get an outline of the process we go through when reviewing and grading betting sites. Let us tell you how we rank our sites more specifically:. In our final verdict we summarise our findings and give an overall rating as well.

Any betting site who has received 4. Three stars are a solid average and if we give ratings lower than that, there are definitive reasons. So, be sure to check our review if you consider one such betting site in India or otherwise for cricket betting. Be sure to read our reviews!

Sign up to our newsletter and receive daily FREE cricket betting tips and betting offers to your email! We use cookies. By navigating our site, you agree to allow us to collect information based on these. This site will not work properly without cookies enabled.

Read more here. Home Cricket Betting Sites. Cricket Betting Sites Learn everything that you need to know about online betting sites and how to find the best sites for cricket betting. Best Betting Sites 1 Betway. Online Betting Sites Guide. Want to start betting online, but not sure which betting site to choose from? Then you have come to the right place! In this comprehensive guide, we will cover: How to find the best betting sites Our experts preferred betting sites How to get started with online betting What we look for and how we rate online betting sites After you have read our page, you should have the knowledge you need to confidently navigate amongst the hundreds of options for online betting sites.

Let's get to it! What criteria are most important to us? Indians are accepted Deposits and withdrawals in Indian rupees ideal, but not a must when the betting site is otherwise excellent Convenient banking options for Indian punters, fast withdrawals Excellent selection for cricket betting , but also betting on football, tennis, horse racing and even kabaddi Since we are looking at cricket betting sites first and foremost, these aspects are important to us.

However, once we are happy with the basic criteria, we look further into what each of these betting sites has to offer before we declare them one of our best betting sites : Trustworthiness — licensing, track record and reviews by players Markets, odds and betting selections Bonuses and promotions — fairness of bonus terms Customer support — responsive, professional, friendly and helpful Software and navigation We investigate each betting site according before we make our recommendations.

The Best Online Betting Sites according to our experts So, the betting sites we recommend are generally good for all kinds of betting. And we could go on like this. What is the best site for you might be trash for another player. Do all betting sites accept players from India? Is online cricket betting legal in India? Where can I bet on the IPL? Can I bet on other sports besides cricket? What is a free bet? There are two versions of free bets: You place a bet and if you lose, the bet is refunded as a free bet and you can try your luck again.

Playthrough requirements usually apply. You make a deposit and place a bet, after which you receive a free bet of the same amount no matter whether your bet won or lost. With your free bet you can bet again minimum odds usually apply , but the stake the free bet money is not returned in any wins. What are playthrough requirements? Best Cricket Betting Sites If you are looking for the best online cricket betting sites, you are in the right place! Top 8 Best Cricket Betting Sites Here is our list of the 8 best cricket betting sites online: Betway - the best betting Site 10CRIC - Indian tailored gambling site ComeOn - plenty of promotions and offers 1xBet - big selection of deposit methods Bet - great odds and markets Dafabet - exchange betting LeoVegas - great mobile betting experience Royal Panda - huge online casino Top 8 Best Cricket Betting Sites A list of the top welcome bonuses from our recommended betting sites.

Betway: The Best Betting Site There is no doubt in our minds, and has been for a while, that Betway is the best betting site for Indian players. Why you should choose Betway as your cricket betting site: Good promotions for Indian bettors Local bank transfers Bet using Indian rupee Excellent for in-play cricket betting BetYourWay. There is very little that we haven't said already that can entice you to play at Betway. The Find our full review of Betway and see all the other perks you get at their site.

Why you should choose 10CRIC as your cricket betting site: Site focused for Indians, loads of local promotions Cricket Statistics and other game statistics available for review before placing wager Local customer support available for fast resolutions Fast Site - especially for betting on Live and In-Play events Loyalty Bonus for trying out various other products.

ComeOn: Multiple local deposit options for Indian players ComeOn has been a betting and casino provider of repute for years, and has recently entered the India market. Why you should choose ComeOn for cricket betting: Local deposit options like Netbanking, UPI and Bank Transfer Plenty of promotions and loyalty point schemes Free bets are often offered Great mobile betting experience on browser Fast withdrawals. Betting Sites with Best Odds Once you are signed up at a cricket betting site and are ready to place your first bets, you should know a thing or two about the betting odds you are offered.

So many numbers. However, things start looking a little easier when you drill them down. So, where do you find the best cricket odds in our humble opinion? Bet Best site for High Odds in Cricket Matches Only a handful of betting sites in the world command a strong lineage and reputation, Bet being one of those very few. Best Mobile Betting Site Mobile betting has become more and more important these days. Often, however, we find the mobile page even better than the desktop page. LeoVegas: Best site for Mobile Cricket Betting Known for its strong casino offering of over games, LeoVegas also offers clean and intuitive betting experience covering majority of the cricket betting markets.

Best Indian Betting Sites Since the topic is on cricket betting sites , we cannot avoid talking about the most cricket crazed region out there: India. Blacklisted Betting Sites We wanted to devote a section on this page to talk about blacklisted betting sites. Here are a few examples of such sites and why we recommend you stay away from them: Dream11bet Dream11bet should not be confused with the fantasy betting website Dream Dreamexch Dreamexch is another site similar to Dream11bet.

Probet9 Probet9 is another online betting site without neither license or the willingness to pay it seems. How to sign up at a betting site There are plenty of betting sites out there you can choose from. You now have an account at your new preferred betting site. Placing a bet Once you have selected your market and the odds you want to bet on, you simply click on the wager you want to make.

Usually, you will be shown the expected return in case you win as well as a few boxes to tick: Betway bet slip - Single bet on India to win Make sure to tick those boxes to confirm your bet. How we rate the Best Cricket Betting Sites Here you can get an outline of the process we go through when reviewing and grading betting sites. Let us tell you how we rank our sites more specifically: Trustworthiness: Does the betting site have a proper gambling license?

Some very strict jurisdictions make it nearly impossible to defraud customers. Complaints about the casino and whether they have been resolved satisfactorily or not. How long has the operator been around?

Learn everything that you need to know about online betting sites and how to find the best sites for cricket betting.

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Sky bet on android Another important source you can use to research online betting websites is social media. ComeOn has been a betting and casino provider of repute for years, and has recently entered the India market. Let us tell you how we rank our sites more specifically: Trustworthiness: Does the betting site have a proper gambling license? Besides getting value directly from the payout of a winning bet, another avenue pursued by modern gamblers is welcome bonus hunting. Please visit gambleaware. However, even with this being the case, Pakistani sports bettors can still deposit and withdraw money betting sites, they need to be a bit creative about it. Trusted Online Sports Betting Sites This page is designed to give sports bettors the rundown on what to look for in the best sports betting sites.
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Best online sport betting PowerPlay is sports betting places sportsbook for bettors of all levels. Besides best online sport betting, sport also offers a very decent selection of cricket betting markets and is an excellent option if best online sport betting want to bet on both sports. Take a look at our section on betting site payment methods in Pakistan for a more detailed look into this. Read on to find out what we are all about, how we can help you find the best bonuses, bookmakers with high odds and how to get started betting online. Sometimes less can be more. We investigate each betting site according before we make our recommendations.
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Odds Shark exists to provide free picks, betting tips, previews, odds and game lines, trends, deposit info and objective consumer reports for betting sites. The reason is, because we love you — or at least like you a lot. Our goal is to give you the goods on the best sports betting sites and which ones are less than stellar.

With live betting available, this online sportsbook has something for bettors around the world. Live betting is all the rage at Betway with their easy-to-use In-Play button. Besides their live betting and on-the-go wagering options, this online sportsbook has sport-specific bonuses and is available in a myriad of languages. When it comes to top-notch sportsbooks, LeoVegas is the one to beat. With lines and odds on all your favorite sports like baseball, football, hockey, basketball, tennis and more, this online betting site has you covered.

They also offer an ample first deposit bonus and a VIP loyalty program with free bets to keep customers coming back for more betting fun. Using their popular casino as a jumping-off point, Spin Palace created their very own sportsbook to give bettors another chance to win money. Known for their killer Welcome Bonus and refer-a-friend program, BetOnline. They also boast early lines and quick payouts, making them one of the most respected in the industry.

Betting on sports is easy when you use an online sportsbook like this one. With multiple betting options, live wagering and numerous sports available to bet on, this is a sportsbook not to be missed. With multiple bonuses to choose from, Intertops is your one-stop shop for betting on everything from soccer, football, baseball, tennis, basketball, esports and more. This online sportsbook gives you over 4, daily wagers and live scoring so you can track your bets in real time.

Plus, their mobile betting site is just as easy to use as their desktop version. PowerPlay is the sportsbook for bettors of all levels. With everything you need to bet in one convenient interface and quick withdrawal times, this is your one-stop shop for wagering. Available in 18 languages, Betsson gives bettors from all over, a safe place to bet on their favorite sports.

Their easy-to-use interface is a breeze for betting fans who are looking for a smooth wagering experience. With over , users in countries around the globe, Betsafe is one of the most trusted sportsbooks around. There is no software to download and the betting atmosphere they cultivate is second to none.

This page is designed to give sports bettors the rundown on what to look for in the best sports betting sites. Nobody wants to have a bad experience with any company they do business with, and legal online sports betting sites are no different. Are there a wide range of sporting events to choose from? What games lines are available? Does the sportsbook have a good reputation? Is your personal and financial information safe and secure?

What is their privacy policy like? How long has the online sports betting site been established for? What are the reviews and ratings like? Are they credible? Are they licensed and regulated in a reputable jurisdiction with a solid track record of protecting consumer info? Can you toggle between American odds Vegas odds , fractional odds, and decimal odds?

Are there implied odds? Do they offer odds of or offer more attractive odds such as ? How early are the lines released? How often do they change? What incentives do they offer sports bettors? How many promotions are offered weekly? Are there specific mobile promotions?

Is there a sign up bonus? How about a deposit bonus or free bets? Do these bonuses come with restrictions? Do they have any contests? Are they available to everyone? Do they reward you for coming back? Is the online sports betting site responsive? Does it take too long to load?

Is the site easy to navigate? Is it compatible with all browsers? What are the deposit options? What are the withdrawal methods? Does the sportsbook accept credit cards? Do they allow you to withdraw your winnings easily? Do they have a quick payout time? What happens if you need help with your account? Do they have a live chat feature to respond to comments, problems or account issues? Is the sportsbook's customer service and support team available over the telephone? Do they accept multiple currencies?

Can you view the online sports betting site in different languages? Are there other betting options besides betting on sports? Any of the best online sportsbooks we recommend above are safe, secure and hit all the marks from our list. The Pakistani government has a similar stance on betting and gambling as some of its Islamic neighbours.

As an Islamic country, Pakistan strictly forbids all types of gambling games, sports betting and luck-based games. This includes betting in both land-based and online bookies based in Pakistan, as there are no legal betting shops in Pakistan, except a couple of horse tracks where punters can bet on horse racing. These sites are based outside of the country and are licenced and regulated by the country they are established in, meaning that they have nothing to do with the legality of betting in Pakistan.

Most of the online betting sites you can access from Pakistan are based in the UK and are licenced by the renowned UK Gambling Commission. Even though as a Pakistani punter, you can't rely on the protection of your country's laws if push comes to shove, you can choose a high-quality Pakistan betting site like the one we've talked about above and make your online betting a bit more secure.

With that being said, you should remember that wagering at online betting sites is still betting and that in the future, the Pakistani government might introduce new laws addressing this online activity. However, even with this being the case, Pakistani sports bettors can still deposit and withdraw money betting sites, they need to be a bit creative about it. There is always a good choice of payment methods you can use at Pakistan betting sites and here are the most popular ones:.

As a Pakistani punter, your best bet would be to use e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill to fund your betting account. Before you can use them at a betting site of your choice, you will first need to create an e-wallet account. After creating and verifying your account, you can use Neteller or Skrill to deposit money in any top Pakistan betting site , like so:. Live betting is growing in popularity among Pakistani punters, especially live betting on cricket and football matches.

Although the choice of top quality Pakistan live betting sites still lags a bit behind those in the UK, you still have several very solid live betting sites to choose from. As is the case with pre-match betting , nothing stops you from placing in-play bets as a Pakistani punter, but it's essential to pick a Pakistan betting site that offers you the best in-play betting platform.

There are a few Pakistan betting sites that stand out from the rest in terms of their live betting offer. Every big online betting site worth its salt offers its punters the option of betting on the go through mobile apps. While there are many mobile apps out there, between all of the interface features, betting options and bonus offers, it can get a bit confusing and daunting to pick the best mobile app.

The benefits of the Betfair mobile app start from the moment you sign up with this bookie and claim its welcome bonus offer, which is one of the best ones currently available. Betfair offers a wide variety of betting markets and a great in-play betting platform.

Known as one of the best all-around betting sites in the industry, Bet offers a vast selection of cricket betting markets and above-industry odds for cricket bettors. The sheer quantity of cricket betting options put Bet at the very top of the best cricket betting sites , alongside big UK bookies like Paddy Power and William Hill.

Bet allows its Pakistani members to bet on major tournaments and matches , as well as on the popular cricket leagues around the globe. You can bet on who wins the match, most run outs, who wins the toss, top team batsman, top team bowler and dozens of other wagering options. If you sign up with sport , you can look forward to hundreds of football games every day , each with dozens of betting markets you can wager on. Besides this, sport also offers a very decent selection of cricket betting markets and is an excellent option if you want to bet on both sports.

Finding the best field hockey betting site for Pakistani bettors is not that difficult of a task, but you do have to consider many options. On top of this, Betfair is also excellent in other non-field hockey related factors.

If you're reading this from outside Pakistan, or plan on residing in another country soon, we recommend taking a look at one of the following pages. Benefit from our global network of betting experts , who provide tips and advice to punters across the world:. With a background in esports betting and a regular bettor himself, Theo loves helping punters find the best deals.

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Top 3 Pakistan Online Betting Sites. Free Bets. New customer offer. Exchange bets excluded. Key Terms: New Customers Only. Free bets credited within 24 hours after qualifying bet settlement and expire after 30 days Free bet stakes not included in returns Bets placed using free bets as the stake in full or in part will not qualify. Only one bet per event qualifies. Multiple bets are excluded and any single bets in multiple bets are also excluded e.

The Free Bets are credited to the customer's balance upon placing a qualifying bet.

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