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Csgospeed betting online

Draws are impossible , as they are mostly played in best-of-1 or best-of-3 mode. CS:GO Betting Sites have fascinated players for many years, as not only the financial aspect is in the foreground, but also the fascination of eSports. To cheer on his team live while earning some nice skins or some money is much more interesting for many Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CS:GO players than spending their money elsewhere.

For many, these matches are a real highlight. As already mentioned, the outcome of a match is the most used option to bet on. However, additional options, such as the winner of the pistol round, the first AWP frag are popular as well. Not every site gives you the possibility to bet on such options. All rights reserved. Advertise Contact Privacy Policy Imprint. Cool gambling site with skin and bitcoin withdraw. CasinoTop Canada. Naturally, we can treat the changing cumulative net income of a player during their gambling activities as a random walk process 8.

Within this paper, we will mainly focus on the analysis at the population level. Physicists have long been studying diffusion processes in different systems, and recently anomalous diffusive properties have been reported in many human activities, including human spatial movement 9 — 11 , and information foraging However, this explanation cannot be used in other types of gambling games where there is no interaction among gamblers e.

In this paper, we want to expand the scope of our study to more general gambling games, check the corresponding diffusive properties, and propose some explanations for the observed behaviors. One of our goals is to uncover the commonalities behind the behavior of online gamblers. To implement this, we analyze the data from different online gambling systems.

The first one is skin gambling, where the bettors are mostly video game players and where cosmetic skins from online video games are used as virtual currency for wagering 8 , The other system is crypto-currency gambling, where the bettors are mostly crypto-currency users. Different types of crypto-currencies are used for wagering. As the overlap of these two communities, video game players and crypto-currency users, is relatively small for now, features of gambling patterns common between these two gambling systems are possibly features common among all online gamblers.

Not only do we consider different gambling systems, but we also discuss different types of gambling games. In general, there are two frameworks of betting in gambling: fixed-odds betting, where the odds is fixed and known before players wager in one round; and parimutuel betting, where the odds can still change after players place the bets until all players finish wagering.

The four types of games we discuss in this paper will cover both betting frameworks see the Methods section. When a player attends one round in any of those games, there are only two possible outcomes: either win or lose. When losing, the player will lose the wager they placed during that round; whereas when winning, the prize winner receives equals their original wager multiplied by a coefficient.

This coefficient is generally larger than 1, and in gambling terminology, it is called odds in decimal format 15 , Here we will simply refer to it as odds. Note that the definition of odds in gambling is different than the definition of odds in statistics, and in this paper we follow the former one.

When a player attends one round, their chance of winning is usually close to, but less than the inverse of the odds. In addition, the website usually charges the winner with a site cut commission fee , which is a fixed percentage of the prize. Although the four types of games are based on different rules, the payoffs all follow the same expression. From Eq. The house edge represents the proportion the website will benefit on average when players wager.

In a fair game or when we ignore the house edge, the expected payoff would be 0. We then focus on an analysis of risk attitude by studying the distribution of the odds players choose to wager with. We conclude by extending our discussion to the analysis of net incomes of gamblers viewed as random walks. Detailed information about the games and datasets discussed in this paper can be found in the Methods section. From the viewpoint of the interaction among players, the games discussed in this paper can be grouped into two classes: in Roulette, Crash, and Satoshi Dice games, there is little or no interaction among players, whereas in Jackpot games, players need to gamble against each other.

At the same time, from the viewpoint of wager itself, the games can also be grouped into two classes: In games A-G , the wagers can be an arbitrary amount of virtual currencies, such as virtual skin tickets or crypto-currency units, whereas in game H , the wagers are placed in the form of in-game skins, which means the wager distribution further involves the distributions of the market price and availability of the skins. Furthermore, from the viewpoint of the odds, considering the empirical datasets we have, when analyzing the wager distribution, there are three situations: i For Roulette and Satoshi Dice games, the odds are fixed constants, and wagers placed with the same odds are analyzed to find the distribution.

At the same time, for each dataset we perform a distribution analysis of wagers at the aggregate level. Within the same dataset wagers placed under different maximum allowed bet values are discussed separately. We plot the complementary cumulative distribution function CCDF of the empirical data and the fitted distribution to check the goodness-of-fit, see Fig.

For games A, B, C, E, F, G the best-fitted model is a log-normal distribution, and for game D the log-normal distribution is truncated at a maximum value. For game H the wager distribution follows a power law - exponential - power law pattern.

In games A — G , where players are allowed to choose arbitrary bet values, the wager distribution can be best fitted by log-normal distributions 3. The fitting lines represent the log-normal fittings. Wagers placed under the different maximum allowed bet values are discussed separately, e. On the other hand, in game H where wagers can only be in-game skins, the wager distribution is best described by a pairwise power law with an exponential transition, see Eq.

The red dotted line represents the log-normal fitting and the blue solid line represents the fitting of a pairwise power law with an exponential transition. Meanwhile in game D , the fitted log-normal distribution is truncated at an upper boundary x max , which might result from the maximum allowed small bet value and the huge variation of the market price of crypto-currencies.

During model selection, we notice that when we select different x min , occasionally a power-law distribution with exponential cutoff is reported to be a better fit, but often it does not provide a decent absolute fit on the tail, and overall the log-normal distribution provides smaller Kolmogorov-Smirnov distances, see the Methods section. On the other hand, as we have pointed out in the previous study 8 , when players are restricted to use in-game skins as wagers for gambling, the wager distribution can be best fitted by a shifted power law with exponential cutoff.

Now, with a similar situation in game H , where wagers can only be in-game skins, we find that the early part of the curve can be again fitted by a power law with exponential cutoff, as shown in Fig. However, this time it does not maintain the exponential decay of its tail; instead, it changes back to a power-law decay. The overall distribution contains six parameters, given by the expression. We believe that when players are restricted to use in-game skins as wagers, the decision to include one particular skin in their wager is further influenced by the price and availability of that skin.

These factors make the wager distribution deviate from the log-normal distribution, which is observed in games A-G. This is very clear when comparing the wager distributions of games G and H as both games are jackpot games of skin gambling, and the only difference is whether players are directly using skins as wagers or are using virtual skin tickets obtained from depositing skins. This commonality of log-normal distribution no longer holds when this arbitrariness of wager value is violated, e.

Log-normal distribution has been reported in a wide range of economic, biological, and sociological systems 17 , including income, species abundance, family size, etc. Economists have proposed different kinds of generative mechanisms for log-normal distributions and power-law distributions as well. One particular interest for us is the multiplicative process 18 , The results reveal that the values of consecutive bets exhibit a strong positive correlation, with all the correlation coefficients larger than 0.

At the same time, the bet values are following gradual changes, rather than rapid changes. These conclusions can be confirmed by the small mean values and small variances of log-ratios between consecutive bets. Correlation analysis shows that there is a strong positive correlation between consecutive bets, along with the small mean values and variances of log-ratio between consecutive bets.

Satoshi Dice E is excluded here as individual gamblers in the dataset are not distinguishable. The high probability of staying on the same wager indicates that betting with fixed wager is one of the common strategies adopted by gamblers. The distribution of the logarithmic of the ratio log-ratio between consecutive bet values. For games A — C , the log-ratio can be described by a Laplace distribution.

For games D , F — H , the log-ratio presents bell-shaped distribution. In general, the distributions are symmetric with respect to the y-axis, except in games D , F. The multiplication process can be explained by the wide adoption of multiplicative betting systems.

Although betting systems will not provide a long-term benefit, as the expected payoff will always be 0 in a fair game, still they are widely adopted among gamblers. A well-known multiplicative betting system is the Martingale sometimes called geometric progression In Martingale betting, starting with an initial wager, the gambler will double their wager each time they lose one round, and return to the initial wager once they win.

Apart from multiplicative betting, there are many other types of betting systems, such as additive betting and linear betting The reasons why multiplicative betting systems are dominant in our datasets are: 1 Martingale is a well-known betting system among gamblers; 2 Many online gambling websites provide a service for changing the bet value in a multiplicative way.

For example, for the Crash games csgofast-Crash C and ethCrash D , both websites provide a simple program for automatically wagering in a multiplicative way. For the Roulette games and Coinroll F , the websites provide an interface with which the gambler can quickly double or half their wager. However, for Satoshi Dice E and csgospeed-Jackpot G , no such function is provided, yet we still observe similar results, indicating that gamblers will follow a multiplicative betting themselves.

We can see that although there is a high probability for sticking to the same bet values, the most likely outcome after losing a round is that the gambler increases their wager. When winning one round, gamblers are more likely to decrease their wager. This means that negative-progression strategies are more common among gamblers than positive-progression strategies. Apart from fixed-wagering betting, a comparison between the probabilities suggests gamblers prefer negative-progression betting rather than positive-progression betting.

We now turn to the following question: When a player is allowed to choose the odds themselves in a near-fair game, how would they balance the risk and potential return? In our analysis, we can examine such behaviors based on the gambling logs from Crash and Satoshi Dice games. COM provides the player-selected odds even when players lose that round, whereas for the Satoshi Dice game only Coinroll accepts player-selected odds. We will therefore focus on the data collected on these two websites.

COM, the odds can only be set as multiples of 0. To simplify our modeling work, we will convert the odds on Coinroll to be multiples of 0. It turns out that in both cases the odds can be modeled with a truncated shifted power-law distribution,.

Note that there is a jump at m max , meaning that the players are more likely to place bets on the maximum allowed odds than on a slightly smaller odds. It also means that when gamblers are free to determine the risks of their games, although in most times they will stick to low risks, showing a risk-aversion attitude, they still present a non-negligible probability of accepting high risks in exchange for high potential returns. The scaling properties of risk attitude might not be unique to gamblers, but also may help to explain some of the risk-seeking behaviors in stock markets or financial trading.

We now re-examine the distributions from the point of view of estimating the crash point m C Satoshi Dice games can be explained with the same mechanism. The true distribution of m C generated by the websites follow a power-law decay with an exponent of 2 with some small deviation due to the house edge.

Meanwhile, a closer look at the fitted exponents listed above gives us two empirical exponents of 1. The smaller exponents reveal that gamblers believe that they have a larger chance to win a high-odds game than they actually do. Or equivalently, it means the gamblers over-weight the winning chance of low-probability games. As a result, they under-weight the winning chances of mild-probability games. These are clear empirical evidence of probability weighting among gamblers, which is believed to be one of the fundamental mechanisms in economics 6.

In the previous study of skin gambling 8 , we pointed out that the wealth distribution of skin gamblers shows a pairwise power-law tail. The crossover happens at 1. As both wealth distributions of skin gambling and bitcoin gambling can be approximated by a pairwise power distribution, we believe that it is a good option for modeling the tails of gambler wealth distribution in different scenarios.

The tail of the wealth distribution of Bitcoin gamblers follows a pairwise power-law distribution. In the above sections, we have analyzed the distributions of several quantities at the population level. However, there is a huge inequality of the number of placed bets among gamblers. We therefore wonder whether those distributions we obtain result from the inequality of number of bets among individuals. To remove the effects of this inequality, we randomly sample in each dataset the same number of bets from heavy gamblers.

We re-analyze the wager distribution and odds distribution with the sample data to see if we obtain the same distribution as before. Some datasets are excluded here as either they do not have enough data or we cannot identify individual gamblers.

When re-analyzing the odds distribution, to ensure we have enough data, we respectively sample and bets from each of those gamblers in games C and F who have at least and valid player-selected odds above m min. According to the results in Fig. Similarly, the odds distributions again follow truncated shifted power-law distributions after removing the inequality. These results demonstrate that the shape of the distributions we obtained in the above sections is not a result of the inequality of the number of bets.

Now our question becomes whether the conclusion regarding the distribution at the population level can be extended to the individual level. Here due to the limitation of data, we will only discuss the wager distribution. Analyzing the individual distribution of top gamblers, we find that although heavy-tailed properties can be widely observed at the individual level, only a small proportion of top gamblers presents log-normal distributed wagers. Other distributions encountered include log-normal distributions, power-law distributions, power-law distributions with exponential cutoff, pair-wise power-law distributions, irregular heavy-tailed distributions, as well as distributions that only have a few values.

The diversity of the wager distributions at the individual level suggests a diversity of individual betting strategies. Also, it indicates that a gambler may not stick to only one betting strategy. It follows that the log-normal wager distribution observed at the population level is very likely an aggregate result. In all the games we analyze, there are only two possible outcomes: a win or a loss. The time t will increase by 1 when the player places a new bet, therefore the process is a discrete-time random walk.

In Fig. At the same time, in some datasets such as Ethcrash D and Coinroll F , large fluctuations can be observed. Change of the mean net income with time for the different datasets. Most of the datasets present a decreasing net income as time t increases. Each point is obtained from an average over at least players. An useful tool for studying the diffusive process is the ensemble-averaged mean-squared displacement MSD , defined as. More specifically, when the MSD growth is faster respectively, slower than linear, superdiffusion respectively, subdiffusion is observed.

To reduce the coarseness, MSD curves are smoothed with log-binning technique. The error bars in Fig. It is interesting to see that for different datasets we observe different diffusive behaviors. For games csgofast-Crash C we observe that the MSD grows faster than a linear function, suggesting superdiffusive behavior. Meanwhile, for games csgofast-Double A , ethCrash D , csgospeed G , and csgofast-Jackpot H , the MSD first presents a superdiffusive regime, followed by a crossover to a normal diffusive regime.

Convex-shaped regimes can also be observed in csgofast-Crash games C. The growth of ensemble-averaged mean-squared displacement in different datasets presents different diffusive behaviors. In ref. Similar crossovers are observed in games G and H , two parimutuel betting games, where the same explanation can be applied. On the other hand, this crossover is also found in a Roulette game and in a Crash game, where there is no interaction among gamblers.

A different explanation needs to be proposed to model this crossover. In the following we briefly discuss how we can obtain from gambling models the different diffusive processes observed in the data. We will not attempt to reproduce the parameters we obtained from the gambling logs, but rather try to explore the possible reasons for the anomalous diffusion we reported.

But normal diffusion is only found in few datasets, the remaining datasets presenting anomalous diffusion which conflicts with the IID assumption. Having shown the popularity of betting systems among gamblers, we would like to check how different betting systems affect diffusive behaviors. First, we simulate gamblers that follow Martingale strategies in a Crash game. Once the wager reaches a preset maximum bet value , we reset the gambler with a minimum bet.

MSD obtained from 10 billion individual simulations is shown in Fig. Different curves correspond to different exponents in odds distribution. We can see that the MSD initially presents an exponential-like growth, before the growths reduce to a linear function. Considering the wide adoption of Martingale among gamblers, this could be a reason for the superdiffusion as well as the crossover to normal diffusion we found in several datasets.

A betting system similar to Martingale will lead to a crossover from superdiffusion to normal diffusion according to the growth of mean-squared displacement. Next we examine the ergodicity of the random walk process of net income by computing the time-averaged mean-squared displacement and the ergodicity breaking parameter.

The time-averaged MSD is defined as. As shown in Fig. To further examine breaking of ergodicity, we have calculated the ergodicity breaking parameter EB 24 — 26 defined as. The growth of the time-averaged MSD for individual gamblers, presented as thin lines, suggests diverse betting behaviors at the individual level.

Players who played less than rounds are filtered out in each dataset. For an ergodic process, the parameter EB should be close to 0. However, as shown in Fig. It follows that non-ergodicity is observed in most games and that gambling processes indeed often deviate from normal diffusion, which further highlights the complexity of human gambling behavior.

The change of the ergodicity breaking parameter with time. For all games, with the exception of the games csgospeed G and csgofast-Jackpot H , EB is found to be much larger than 0, suggesting non-ergodic behavior.

Another way to examine the diffusive behavior of a process is through the analysis of the first-passage time distribution. We note that the results obtained from ensemble-averaged MSD sometimes differ from the results obtained from the first-passage time distributions. Nonetheless, anomalous diffusive behavior is widely observed. The tails of first-passage time distributions for the different datasets indicate different diffusive behaviors. Only gamblers who attended more than rounds of games have been included in these calculations.

To confirm our conclusion about the wide existence of anomalous diffusive behavior in gambling activities, we further calculate the non-Gaussian parameter NGP 26 , 28 , For a Gaussian process, the NGP should approach 0 when t gets large. In the game Coinroll F , a decrease is not apparent, and most likely this game does not follow a Gaussian process. In the other games, although the NGP is still decreasing, we can not discriminate whether for large t this quantity will tend to 0 or instead reach a plateau value larger than zero.

Still, our analysis does not provide clear evidence for the presence of Gaussianity in gambling behaviors. In most datasets, except Coinroll F , the non-Gaussian parameter shows a decreasing trend as t increases. However, in none of the studied cases does the non-Gaussian parameter fall below the value 1. Further studies are required in order to fully understand the observed differences.

At the individual level, as has been pointed out by Meng 7 , gamblers show a huge diversity of betting strategies, and even individual gamblers constantly change their betting strategy. Differences in the fractions of gamblers playing specific betting strategies could be a reason why we see a variety of diffusive behaviors in the datasets.

The quick development of the video gaming industry has also resulted in an explosive growth of other online entertainment. This is especially true for online gambling that has evolved quickly into a booming industry with multi-billion levels. Every day million of bets are placed on websites all around the globe as many different gambling games are available online for gamblers.

Analysing different types of gambling games ranging from Roulette to Jackpot games , we have shown that log-normal distributions can be widely used to describe the wager distributions of online gamblers at the aggregate level. The risk attitude of online gamblers shows scaling properties too, which indicates that although most gamblers are risk-averse, they sometime will take large risks in exchange for high potential gains.

For some games the mean-squared displacement and the first-passage time distribution reveal a transition from superdiffusion to normal diffusion as time increases. For all games the ergodicity breaking parameter and the non-Gaussian parameter reveal deviations from normal diffusion.

We focus on a simplified version of Roulette games that appears in online casinos, where a wheel with multiple slots painted with different colors will be spun, after which a winning slot will be selected. The online Roulette games are similar to the traditional ones, except that the number of colors and the number of slots for each color might be different.

Each slot has the same probability to be chosen as the winning slot. Players will guess the color of the winning slot before the game starts. The players have a certain time for wagering, after which the game ends and a winning slot is selected by the website.

Those players who successfully wagered on the correct color win, the others lose. As the chance of winning and odds for each color are directly provided by the website, roulette is a fixed-odds betting game. Before the game starts, the site will generate a crash point m C , which is initially hidden to the players. With a lower boundary of 1, the crash point is distributed approximately in an inverse square law. The players need to place their wager in order to enter one round.

This multiplier m they cashed out at is the odds, which means when winning, the player will receive a prize that equals his wager multiplied by m.

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CSGOSpeed offers variety in the games you are able to play. It is a one stop shop for all your CS:GO betting. The first on the list is Jackpot. Mario run next one offered is Russian Roulette. Then there are the common staple Csgospeeed such as Coin Flip and the standard Roulette.

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The users who play here applaud the support representatives. There is always a moderator online who answers questions along with Csyospeed community. Csgospeed scam ticket system is reserved for harder to answer questions or for bugs and big csam. The support link is conveniently located in the bottom part Csgopeed the page.

I used 4 handheld devices to check if the Cwgospeed is mobile friendly. Playing on the tablet using landscape mode reverts it to a web version. On mobile phones or a tablet with a smaller screen, however, their mobile design is perfect. It works properly even when switching from one game mode to another. I definitely recommend you to try out this platform. We discuss the top skin betting sites that offer roulette, how the game versions differ and provide some tips to increase your odds of winning.

On many CSGO betting sites roulette is one of the most popular games offered. The way it usually works is a player deposits skins to a site which are exchanged for coins or tokens. Many of the roulette games differ from the classic roulette found in casinos but use the same principles. There are a number of different skin betting sites that offer roulette. Here is a CSGO betting websites list of where you can play roulette:.

Not all CSGO betting sites are created equal of course. There are no numbers or colours on the wheel. There are a total of 15 slots, 7 for T, 7 for CT and 1 for Empire. A winning bet on T or CT doubles your money while a winning Empire bet pays Thunderpick is an online casino licensed in Curacao. Players can deposit to the site in a number of different ways including using CSGO skins.

Thunderpick is about the only site that offers a traditional roulette game. As a matter of fact they have 16 roulette games on their site including the American, European and French versions. There are three colours players can bet on, red, black and green.

A winning wager on red or black doubles your stake while a winning bet on green pays off at WTFSkins roulette games is similar to those on most skin betting sites. Once again players can bet on the colours red, black or green. You can double your money with a bet on red or black. A winning bet on green pays WTFSkins also gives out free coins daily. Roulette at Gamdom at first glance is the same as on many other sites.


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