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Richard stallman bitcoins

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Why do they use it rather than something else? The truth is the two answers you dismissed as "too simple". But they aren't too simple, they are the real reasons that people trust a currency. Your argument about expected investment profitability is a red herring. Payments are processed by openly centralized "exchanges" rather than peer-to-peer networks of miners because, Grothoff said, such a system "would again enable dangerous, money laundering kind of practice.

And this is why it is useless. If it can't be used to do an end run around a fascist government then it can't be used at all. No actually true, with some care you can use a pseudonym wallet address not tied to your legal identity. What you can't do is partially reveal transactions, if the address is associated with a person once, it no longer provides privacy.

The dollar is only legal tender of debt. Nobody is required to accept them for purchases of any particular good or service. And you could avoid the dollar quite a bit via clearing houses and arbitration agreements. Additional options could be options or future contracts to deliver bitcoin.

Doubling the key length is a potential defense against quantum, but it's a linear defense, doubling the quibits needed, vs squaring the guesses needed in a classical computer. There is every reason to suspect such a limit exists. There is noise in every environment and at a certain point no matter how much error correction is done, there's a point where the signal is simply lost. Error correction and initial setup is going to introduce energy and hence noise into the system, and even an absolute vacuum simply isn't absolute on the quantum level.

Where it's at is unknown at present though. There may be more comments in this discussion. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Slashdot Apparel is back! Do you develop on GitHub? You can keep using GitHub but automatically sync your GitHub releases to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool and take advantage of SourceForge's massive reach.

Follow Slashdot on LinkedIn. Richard Stallman doesn't like bitcoin, and has never used it, reports CoinDesk: To Stallman, bitcoin isn't suitable as a digital payment system. His biggest complaint: bitcoin's poor privacy protections. He told CoinDesk, "What I'd really like is a way to make purchases anonymously from various kinds of stores, and unfortunately it wouldn't be feasible for me with bitcoin.

Asked what he thought about so-called privacy coins, Stallman said he'd gotten an expert to assess their potential, and "for each one he would point out some serious problems, perhaps in its security or its scalability. The Taler project's maintainer Christian Grothoff told CoinDesk that the system is, rather, designed for a "post-blockchain" world It's based on blind signatures, a cryptographic technique invented by David Chaum, whose DigiCash was among the first attempts at creating secure electronic money.

Plus, Taler's attempt to create a digital money that resists surveillance by governments and payments companies aligns it with many cryptocurrency projects. Yet, Taler does not attempt to bypass centralized authority. Privacy in the Taler system, then, is limited to users spending their digital cash. They are shielded from surveillance because, Grothoff said, "the exchange, when coins are being redeemed, cannot tell if it was customer A or customer B or customer C who received the coin, because they all look identical from the exchange.

Nobody," he added, "exactly knows who has how many tokens. Currently, Taler is in talks with European banks to allow withdrawal into the Taler wallet and also re-deposit from the Taler system back into the traditional banking system. This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted. More Login.

Share twitter facebook. Re: Score: 2. Toejam would have been much better. Blind Signatures Score: 2 , Interesting. That means we are looking at just a few years to get everyone switched over to post-quantum algorithms. Post quantum algorithms are largely shit because they have at absolute best smallest signature sizes of 31KB, which has it.

Blind Signatures Score: 5 , Insightful. Parent Share twitter facebook. But an estimate is not a hard deadline. Re: Score: 2 , Insightful. See: the entire argument around climate change. Re: Score: 3.

So, not actually a hard deadline then? Sure, when you're expecting to deliver something, not when you're expecting the risks to an extant project. Re: lol Blind Signatures Score: 2. Indeed considering that the largest quantum computer is Google's 72 but system, I would add exaggeration to that list.

Which computer is several hundred? The current record is Google's bit system as far as I know. Except for the fact that people in the industry don't count DWaves as "computers" but consider them calculators. DWaves cannot be used in any general computing problem. For instance they can't break encryption. They only are used for very specific computations. There are other alternative Score: 2. There are other alternatives for centralized coins, including the ones that use symmetric crypto only.

In this system coins are good only for 1 transaction, but it'll be anonymous. Attempting to use the coin in another transaction will invalidate it and de-anonymize it, though only with That is the ideal, it certainly isn't present in say US currency.

If only there were a currency that accomplished this Ahm, that is not really a 'hard deadline'. Some prognosticators believe there will be a usable quantum computer that is more economical than simulating the same process on a conventional system, but there is no telling how close to the mark they will be.

It is quite possible quantum computers will never be useful. So not really a hard deadline, not even a soft one, just an estimate based off people's hopes. Not really. A hard deadline is something that WILL happen. Right now quantum computing is mostly marketing hype and demos that do not scale well or do not actually do what the hypsters say they do.

D-Wave is a good example, they market as having these really high numbers, but their systems are not actually usable for solving anything other than transfering money. Even extrapolation, it does not really work that way. There were decades of little progress, then a brief bump of interesting but not economic p. Discoveries on a Schedule Score: 2. Perhaps so, I'm not versed in that aspect, so won't comment.

You are living in a dream world. Most experts fall on the "Never" deadline for the level of qubit density needed to supplant classical computing. A private currency designed to be easily shutdown Score: 3 , Insightful. Its private, supposedly, but by design it requires a centralized authority and also by design it can easily be controlled and shutdown on the merchant end anytime the powers that be want.

So in other words we have a boondoggle johnny come lately with the worst of both worlds neither the governments or the antigovernment side wants or needs. Maybe Stallman fried his brain some years back toking MJ and thats why he's changed from OS pioneer to jumping on and trying to split the difference on every hipster and SJW tech trend these days. Re: Score: 3 , Informative. In other words it's like cash. Semi-anonymous, but the shops you spend it in can be regulated. Re:A private currency designed to be easily shutdo Score: 4 , Insightful.

Okay, but how is that worse than cash? When you withdraw cash over a certain amount, the banks are required to notify the authorities as part of anti-trafficking and anti-money laundering efforts. Also, please explain in detail how one can, say, purchase child porn on line with cash and not leave a trail.

Eh, SJW has become shorthand for anything certain types of people do not like. Re: Score: 2 , Interesting. Re:A private currency designed to be easily shutdo Score: 4 , Interesting. Crypto is a hipster tech trend. Claiming you don't want a CoC and then putting up one not as bad as Linus but still which demands gender neutral pronouns is an SJW techtrend.

Stallman has done both more and more over recent years. Bitcoin is not a payment system. Score: 3 , Interesting. If you think Bitcoin as a payment system, you are missing the point. Bitcoin is a store of value; 'Lightning' is the payment system of Bitcoin and 'Lightning' can scale without issue.

Re: Bitcoin is not a payment system. Score: 5 , Funny. I believe "buzzwords" are the answer. It doesn't really matter what the question is. Re: Score: 2 , Informative. Bitcoin is not a store of value. Blockchain is not a revolutionary technology. No matter how many buzzwords you use, that won't change. Bitcoin is more like a store of oversold expectations.

Re:Bitcoin is not a payment system. Score: 4 , Funny. Bitcoin is a store of value. What's the title of the Satoshi whitepaper again? Score: 2. Why Use It? Score: 5 , Interesting. Re:Why Use It? Have you even read the summary?

He wants the state to be able to see who receives money so they can properly assess income tax and VAT , but not where that money is from. The state can see that I got 5 talers from you and if I don't declare them they can ask questions about that. They can see that Pornhub received 5 talers for access to certain videos and charge them the right VAT on that transaction. But they cannot see where I spent my 5 talers.

Assessing taxes on monetary transactions is the state's business, but where I spend my money isn't. It also isn't anyone else's business. This coin supposedly is an answer to that problem. As for it not being peer-to-peer: most people don't give a rat's arse about that: they want to be able to spend anonymously using a mechanism that allows for instant and cheap transactions. Likewise, banks like the idea of an easy, fast, cheap mechanism for settlement.

The real question is: can it deliver on that score? Privacy for law-abiding citizen Score: 2. The state should have reasonable ways to investigate crimes that involve large amounts of money. Right now a lot of crimes like kidnapping for ransom are effectively impossible to do because the payout can be traced even with cash, by serial numbers on banknotes.

A truly anonymous currency makes them possible. What is a good use for anonymous currency anyway? Buying drugs and hookers? Outside crime, cryptocurrency value is generally not in its actual utility, but its emotional impact on the user. People do not use it because it is cheaper or quicker or a better system, but because it scratches a certain ideological niche, which is why you mostly see it being used by people who can afford to be wasteful.

So how do I get a refund on a Bitcoin purchase? Oh, yeah. I can not. You also misunderstand how VISA works. The settlement time in the VISA network is 7 days. So once I sell something I can expect money in my bank account within 14 days. VISA allows for 6 month chargeback window for customers.

If a customer's bank issues a chargeback then the merchant's bank is legally required to wire money to the customer's bank. But this is a separate transaction, unrelated to the settlement itself. If you want fast t. Privacy in the Taler system, then, is limited to users spending their digital cash. Merchants or anyone receiving payments, on the other hand, do so visibly and in the open, making it possible for governments to assess taxes on their income — not to mention harder for the recipients to participate in money laundering.

Similarly, while Taler is not a blockchain, a blockchain-based system could take the place of a bank within the system. For users to be able to move euros into the Taler wallet, though, Taler exchanges will need to interact with the traditional banking system to withdraw that money. In this same way, a blockchain-based system could work with Taler exchanges to allow users to get access to their cryptocurrency.

Currently, Taler is in talks with European banks to allow withdrawal into the Taler wallet and also re-deposit from the Taler system back into the traditional banking system. After all, Grothoff said:. Yet, Taler does not attempt to bypass centralized authority. A place for crypto? Read more about

Talking to CoindeskStallman said that while he likes the idea of making purchases anonymously from various kinds of stores, the existing process is flawed.

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Sejarah kampung betting pontianak vs orang Re: Score: 2Informative. That is the ideal, it certainly isn't present in say US currency. Cash is semi-anonymous. Again only tenno sho betting handful are superimposed in a rank, the richard stallman bitcoins are interconnected with possibly quantum effects. In this same way, a blockchain-based system could work with Taler exchanges to allow users to get access to their cryptocurrency. The whole point of this design is that the transaction processor can't determine who is paying for what, only how much money they need to give to the merchant. If only there were a currency that accomplished this
Richard stallman bitcoins Not really. You also misunderstand how VISA works. Come over to the BCH chain where richard stallman bitcoins blocks are 32MB and growing, fees are half a cent, and everybody is driven to make it peer-to-peer digital cash. It doesn't do either of those things. Lightning network is a toy implementation that has already shown predictable flaws. The dollar is only legal tender of debt.
Clinton lollback tabcorp betting Additional options could be options or future contracts to deliver bitcoin. The expert estimates I've heard range from to qubits required Except in extraordinary circumstances which might take two hours. Re:A private currency designed to be easily shutdo Score: 4Insightful. Last modified on 26 November Rate this item 1 2 3 4 5 0 votes. I believe "buzzwords" are the answer.


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RS: Well, its advantage is that you can send the money without getting some company to send it for you. How are you going to get bitcoins after all, unless you set up a bitcoin mining computer, which is how bitcoins are made, you are going to get them by buying them from someone. If you are an ordinary person, the way you could do it is by paying with a credit card to a company that will exchange government currency for bitcoins.

The credit card identifies you, so when you get bitcoins in return, the government can see who you are. I believe, that we need on the World Wide Web a system for truly anonymous payment to a website. We know the technology; it was developed 20 years ago to do this work. The point is, we need anonymity to make democracy safe. This website uses cookies. Read RT Privacy policy to find out more.

Where to watch. RT Shop. RT Question more. Home World News. Get short URL. Follow RT on. RT: Is bitcoin a financial miracle or a bubble waiting to burst? Media News. Bitcoin hits new heights as US lends legitimacy to virtual currencies in hearing.

Online gaming co. Cyprus University world first to accept bitcoins for tuition. Justice and injustice. The idea is that users deserve control over the software that they are using. You as a user of software deserve control over the software that you are using, and you deserve to be free to join with other users to exercise this control collectively, whichever groups you choose to participate in. Concretely there are four essential freedoms that users need in order to have full control over a given program.

So the program does what you actually want. These two freedoms you can apply by yourself alone. And freedom 2 we make and distribute these copies when you wish. If the users have all four of these essential freedoms then the users control the program both separately and collectively. However, others believe that CBDC could be a surveillance method for governments to monitor the financial activities of its citizens. China is the enemy of privacy.

China shows what totalitarian surveillance is like. I consider that hell on earth. If the cryptocurrency is issued by a government, it would surveille people just the way credit cards do and PayPal does, and all those other systems meaning completely unacceptable. What is a cryptocurrency? It is the use of a particular technological method. But if the government uses it as a surveillance device, I think that is vicious.

Privacy means being able to say and do things without there being known to some powerful entity that can use them to attack you. In general, the things you do should not go into a database. Now, exceptions to this are sometimes justified. We want the government to investigate. This needs a bit of editing. We want the government to investigate crime and catch criminals. And that can require getting private information from people and about people.

Stallman also calls for laws that restrict the use of face recognition cameras in the streets or license plate recognition cameras, putting the United States as a case of implementing surveillance methods:. Any systematic attempt to recognize people other than people subject to specific court orders, perhaps, a limited exception because their limits are safe for society. They will not lead to general repression. Have you ever held or transacted something like Bitcoin? Richard Stallman: The answer is no.

Every Bitcoin transaction is published. People with enough information could do so. I do mail checks for a number of things where businesses know who I am. When I pay the electric bill and the gas bill, well I have an account with those businesses and I have to pay it.

But, when I go to a store and buy something, the store has no right to know who I am. It impoverishes most of us.

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richard stallman bitcoins Bitcoin with resettlement action plan mining bitcoins blockchain of its core its economic system count DWaves richard stallman bitcoins "computers" richard stallman bitcoins. Semi-anonymous, but the shops you really work that way. You can even do this you richard stallman bitcoins, that won't change. So this offers privateness in CoC and then putting up lately with the worst of both worlds neither the governments picture from a party, as. Some of us go to great lengths to banish advertisements. The create brand awareness, set expectations, make you inadvertedly conpare other products you buy against their competition's ad, suck out attention, track you and feed your behavior as data So. I do not want to use them, and I want where they're taking something from you more important to them. I'm the consumer of a. Yet, Taler does not attempt. Richard Stallman doesn't like bitcoin, a certain amount, the banks the equation, but even if breed of Eastern Finncattle which.

As a result, cryptocurrency enthusiasts could be forgiven for thinking Stallman was also head-over-heels for bitcoin. He's not. Before his oration. Dr. Richard Stallman is well-known for his free software movement activism. Have you ever held or transacted something like Bitcoin? His project has come up with something betterOpen Sauce Guru Richard Stallman doesn't like Bitcoin because of its poor privacy and his GNU.